There Are Many Ways To Achieve Wart Removal At Home

When people think about wart removal in today’s world, they often think about laser surgery or prescription and over-the-counter remedies like the highly efficient wart remover Wartrol. While these are relevant options, there are also all-natural remedies available that are quite effective. Besides, the other options, especially laser surgery, do have relevant possible side effects. Who wants to know that there could actually be damage caused to their skin just be removing a wart that is only unsightly but not harmful?

It is obviously best to try and find all-natural solutions, and you’re about to learn some of them. One thing you can try is to use a banana peel to rub your wart with daily. People throughout time have sworn that this helps, and it is supposed to take a few weeks. You might even try holding a piece of banana peel to the affected area by using tape.

Another wart remedy you can try at home is the use of apple cider vinegar. This can be applied to the wart using a cotton ball, and then all you do is continue to do this a few times daily or again use tape to keep the cotton ball held tightly against the wart. This is said to actually produce some results in the first week of using this home remedy.

The use of potatoes has often been used as well. In a couple of weeks of using “raw” potatoes, it can have a dramatic impact on your warts. You might be wondering which of these remedies to try, as the first two especially were used in the same manner. One thing you can do is to use both if you have more than one wart. Or, you can rub the affected areas instead of using tape to secure the one remedy to the area.

Castor oil is another great home remedy for your warts. It is a much more traditional method for a home remedy than what has already been discussed. You have probably heard of castor oil being used for a variety of different things at home based on tales of the past. Aloe juice is another remedy, and most people think about external application with this substance. However, it can be taken internally, which has been to known to actually help take out the virus that is responsible for causing the warts.

Tape has been mentioned in association with other ingredients, but let’s get specific for a minute. Try duct tape and by itself! What is called duct tape therapy can help take down that wart little by little, removing the dead cells. People say that this is a highly effective remedy.

Check out information on where warts come from. You should also do other internal things like improving your body’s overall function with vitamins, especially vitamin C, and drinking plenty of water is also important. You can also apply vitamin C directly to the wart to help with eliminating the problem as well. So before you go off and try drastic remedies for your warts, why not give proven all-natural remedies a try?

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